PROF. IR. DR. ABDUL RAHMAN OMAR is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation) of Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia (UiTM). His areas of expertise include CAD/CAM, Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Concurrent Engineering, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Information Modeling, Knowledge-based Modeling, Ergonomics Design and Control Systems. He received his Advanced Diploma (1984) in Mechanical Engineering from Institut Teknologi MARA Malaysia (ITM). In 1990, he received a Master degree in Control Systems from University of Sheffield, UK. He then obtained his PhD in Quality Function Deployment Opportunities in Product Model Supported Design from University of Loughborough, UK in 1997. He has professional qualifications such as the member of I.E.M, B.E.M, Chartered Engineer UK and Fellow of Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (FIMarEST). Since 1990, he actively involved in research and had won many awards of innovation in IID, IIDEX, PECIPTA, I-TEX, IENA Germany and SIIF Korea. He also had published books and articles in IJARS, Journal Procedia Computer Science, Procedia Manufacturing, Jurnal Teknologi and others international journals.

obtained his Bachelor and Master’s degrees of Engineering from Kyushu University, Japan, and PhD from The Ohio State University, United States. He is currently an Associate Professor of the Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University, and working on biomaterials for osteochondral tissue engineering and biomechanics of orthopaedic. The primary objective of his research work is to clarify the deformation, damage development and fracture behavior of advanced bio-composite systems and materials such as artificial joints and bio-absorbable materials. The main topics of his research includes:  Development and evaluation of mechanical properties of bio-composite materials, computational analysis of artificial joints, development of porous biomaterials for regenerative medicine, biomechanical analysis of the problems in orthopedics, and relationship between porous material and cell growth.


PROFESSOR LU GUOXING is currently a full professor at Department of Mechanical Engineering, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia where he is accredited to supervise Masters and Doctoral students as Principal Coordinating Supervisor. Previously, he worked at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore as an Associate Professor. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering at Jilin University, China and Master’s degree (MSc.) at Cranfield University, United Kingdom. He then obtained his PhD in structural mechanics at University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. His research interests includes: high impact materials testing, advanced structural engineering and, additive and near shape manufacturing. 


DATO’ MADANI SAHARI is a highly qualified executive manager with more than 18 years’ experience in manufacturing and service industries of the automotive sector. Dato’ Madani carries with him vast experience with national and international automotive manufacturers such as Proton, Perodua, Honda, Toyota, Renault, Hyundai, Nissan and General Motors in the areas of strategic collaboration, project development and manufacturing. He graduated from the University of Lorraine (formerly Nancy-Université), France, with a degree in Industrial Technology, Master of Science (M.Sc) in Quality Engineering and is also a Certified Quality Engineer. At present, Dato’ Madani is the CEO of the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), a focal point and coordination centre, under the custodian of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). MAI oversees the development of the Malaysian automotive industry in all matters, including formulating of the national automotive policy, development of the local automotive roadmap and its expansion programmes, managing manpower development programme, formulating and coordinating automotive related research. Dato’ Madani’s knowledge and expertise also encompasses Strategic Planning & Partnership, Corporate Service Development, Business Process Reengineering, Project Management, Marketing, Quality Management, Safety, Health and Environment, Manufacturing and Six Sigma, and has a strong track record of proven ability to turnaround financially or operationally underperforming organizations.


DR. –ING. MARCEL GRAF is currently a research associate at the Professorship of Virtual Production Engineering Office in Chemnitz, Germany. Previously, he was a Deputy Director, group leader of bulk forming and long products as well as research associate at the Institute of Metal Forming, TU Bergakademie Freiberg. His areas of expertise include materials characterization, modeling for numerical forming simulations, construction and development of technology; metallurgy, foundary and forming machines. He received his Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (2008) at TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany and then obtained his PhD (2012) in modeling of forming behaviour of oxide scale along the process chain hot strip rolling at the same university.


PROF. DR. –ING. ROMAN DUMITRESCU studied mechatronics at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. He received his Ph.D. degree in the field of Systems Engineering for intelligent mechatronic systems under the supervision of Prof.  Jürgen Gausemeier of the University of Paderborn. Between 2011 and 2015, Prof. Dumitrescu led the Product Engineering department of the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design IEM. Since 2015, he has been one of the three directors of the institute and remained responsible for the Product Engineering department. Prof. Dumitrescu’s research focuses particularly on interdisciplinary development management and model-based systems engineering (MBSE) as well as numerous key technologies of digitization such as Virtual and Augmented Reality, Location Based Services and Molded Interconnect Devices (MID). Since 2016, he has been a Full Professor for “Advances Systems Engineering” at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics of the University of Paderborn.  At the same time, Prof. Dumitrescu is the managing director of the technology network Intelligent Technical Systems OstWestfalenLippe (it’s OWL) which was awarded one of Germany’s 15 Leading-Edge Clusters by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) in 2012. In the it‘s OWL Clustermanagement GmbH, he is responsible for the strategy and R&D as well as the technology transfer into SMEs. Additionally, he is the technical manager for the areas Systems Engineering and Work 4.0 in it`s OWL.


ASSOC. PROF. PHDR. SOŇA JANDOVÁ, Ph.D. graduated from the Faculty of Science, Humanities and Education of the Technical University of Liberec in 1995. Her study specialization was Physical Education and German. She continued with a Ph.D. study course at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague and completed her studies there in 2000. The key areas of the research focus of Assoc. Prof. Soňa Jandová includes the biomechanics of human physical activity. In the past, she focused on performing 3-D kinematic analyses; nowadays her research is geared to gait analysis based on dynamometric methods. Her research specialization has been significantly influenced particularly by research stays at the University of Innsbruck (Austria) and also at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). Currently, Soňa Jandová is employed by the Technical University of Liberec as a Vice-Rector for External Relations and she is responsible for a number of educational projects.

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