Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI), is an agency under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Serving as the focal point, coordination centre and think tank for the nation's automotive industry, it functions to enhance technology, human capital, supply chain, market outreach and aftersales capabilities of all automotive stakeholders and ecosystems. 

The National Automotive Policy 2014 (NAP2014) was announced by Minister of International Trade & Industri, Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed, in January 2014.

The NAP 2014 was announced under a targeted approach that focuses on Energy Efficient Vehicles (EEVs). Through the policy, strategic Investments from both foreign and domestic sources would accelerate technology development and allow market expansion for domestic players; strengthened by initiatives to enhance the Supply Chain, Human Capital and Safety, Security and Environment.

The focus on EEVs will streamline the efforts of industry players, research institutions and government initiatives towards product and process technologies that are relevant to global trends of future powertrains, fuel consumption patterns and emission requirements.

Six Roadmaps under the NAP 2014 were developed to ensure the sustainability of the manufacturing and after sales sectors within the entire supply chain.

The Six Roadmaps are:

1. Malaysia Automotive Technology Roadmap (MATR)

2. Malaysia Automotive Human Capital Development Roadmap (MAHR)

3. Malaysia Automotive Supply Chain Development Roadmap (MASCR)

4. Authorized Treatment Facilities Roadmap (ATFR)

5. Malaysia Automotive Remanufacturing Roadmap (MARR)

6. Malaysia Automotive Bumiputera Development Roadmap (MABDR)







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